LifeNest and Protect-A-Bed

Proudly supporting premature and sick newborns around Australia, Protect-A-Bed® are an Australian manufacturer of premium bedding protection with products  specifically for babies and children.


Lifenest™, proudly distributed by Protect-A-Bed® was developed by a Paediatrician, Dr Jose Benosoussn, after witnessing a friend’s agony over losing a daughter to SIDS. A hammock style mattress, its soft netting allows for free airflow, helping to reduce overheating and the risk of SIDS.  Distributing pressure evenly, away from soft spots it also helps prevent and treat flat head.  

Flat head condition (Plagiocephaly) is a condition caused by prolonged time spent on one side of the baby’s head, usually during the first 6 to 9 weeks.  Learn more about Flat head condition here.


Protect-A-Bed® Cot and Bassinet Mattress Protectors can help minimise the associated stresses and have everyone back to sleep quickly.

All parents understand the frustration and loss of sleep that bedwetting can cause for both themselves and their child.

Layer two fitted Mattress Protectors on the bed. They are soft, comfortable and breathable and available in a range of fabrics including Cotton, Bamboo and TENCEL®

If an accident occurs in the middle of the night, quickly remove only the top Mattress Protector, and the cot/bassinet or bed is still protected.

They also ensure a healthier night’s sleep.

  • Protecting your mattress from life’s little accidents, spills and stains, including those caused by leaking nappies, vomiting and perspiration.
  • Protecting your little one from dust mite allergens, mould and bacteria.

Once a child moves to a bed, consider using a Protect-A-Bed® Linen Protector in conjunction with a Mattress Protector. Simply layer the Linen Protector over the fitted Mattress Protector and sheet. With tuck-in sides it spans the mid-section of the bed and is soft, comfortable and waterproof. There is no need to change the entire bed if an accident or spill occurs. Simply remove the Linen Protector and quickly go back to sleep knowing your child’s bed is still protected by the Mattress Protector.

You should also ensure your mattress and pillows are protected. Protect-A-Bed® protectors are soft and comfortable, you won’t even know they are there and they can be machine washed and dried with other linens.

All Protect-A-Bed® Bassinet, Cot, Mattress and Linen Protectors are Red Nose (SIDS & Kids) Friendly and approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia Sensitive Choice Program. Their Tencel® range is also Sensitive Skin tried and approved by the Eczema association, great for anyone with Eczema.

For more information on Protect-A-Bed® visit or contact Protect-A-Bed® on 1300 857 123.

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