Winner of the 2019 ACTA Consumer Involvement Award

The experiences of my sons’ early births was the catalyst for the creation of Miracle Babies Foundation nearly 15 years ago and in that time I have since learnt the vital importance of clinical trials and I am now so grateful to the parents before me who did say yes to taking part in trials and helped shape my sons' care. To my astonishment, I’ve also learnt that it sometimes takes years to recruit enough babies into a clinical trial to make it scientifically valid - even if the trial asks a question as simple as “Should preterm babies breathe high or low concentrations of oxygen straight after birth?”…

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Every day, 132 babies are born premature or sick. TODAY is the day to make your donation count. 24 Hours only, all donations will be QUADRUPLED, thanks to our Matching Donors; Mounties Group, WaterWipes, BabyLove Nappies, Tommee Tippee and Sydney Flooring.…

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