An eco-friendly gift that keeps giving for our Proud Grandparent’s Project

As part of our new campaign the Proud Grandparent’s Project, the wonderful people at Plantacard have donated 200 beautiful seed-infused cards as a gift for the first 200 donations of $50 or more to the Project. The gift is a way to thank all the proud grandparents of a premature or sick newborn, for the special role they play, and for helping other families and grandparents on a similar journey.

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A Plantacard is a unique way to give someone a card and a gift all-in-one, while also reducing paper waste and being kind to the environment. Plantacards have NON-GMO seeds embedded in biodegradable, plantable greeting cards that grow. All Plantacards are also made from 100% recycled paper, produced from only wastepaper (& seeds) and printed with water based inks. Their envelopes are 100% recycled too.

Rosie Kisun, the Founder of Plantacard says she was running an invitation business several years ago when she went on the search to become more eco-conscious. This is when she discovered seed paper.

"I couldn’t believe this paper existed and wanted the whole world to know about it! And so Plantacard was born and had its 3rd birthday in May this year.

"We love seeing how Plantacard makes a difference to people and the planet! We are excited to bring to the world a card that can be planted instead of being disposed of once it has serviced its purpose.


"When someone receives a Plantacard, it’s so wonderful to know they love it just as much as we do!

"We're proud to be partnering with Miracle Babies Foundation on their 'Proud Grandparent's Project', celebrating, honouring and supporting the special grandparents in our lives."

The Proud Grandparent's Project Plantacard makes a beautiful gift that keeps on giving and represents the miracles that special grandparents help to nurture. Keep the card for yourself, or if you’re a parent, give it to your own/your child’s grandparents.


What type of flower is in the Proud Grandparent's Project Plantacards?


The Plantacard available for supporters of our Proud Grandparent Project will be Swan River Daisies (Brachycome iberidifolia). They are a delightful low growing annual bedding plant with white, blue, purple or pink flowers, and are indigenous to Western and central Australia. It grows to a height of 20-40cm tall with a spread of 30cm and are very hardy and drought and frost resistant. So just like our Miracle families, they are resilient.
They should be planted in full sun, but they will tolerate shade and, if sown directly under trees, will form a natural carpet. They are also ideal for containers, rockeries, pots and hanging baskets.


How do you grow your Swan River Daisies from the Plantacard?


After your loved one reads the Plantacard, they can plant it and grow some beautiful flowers for a gift that keeps on giving.

The standard planting instructions are:

  • Step 1 - Soak Plantacard in water until soft.
  • Step 2 - Place Plantacard on seed raising mix (in pot or ground) and lightly cover with 3-5mm of more mix.
  • Step 3 - Water and keep moist. The seeds will take 7-21 days to sprout.
  • Step 4 - Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist. Once sturdy plant appears, water as needed.
  • Step 5 - Enjoy your new plant!


Thank you to Plantacard for your generosity and support of our Proud Grandparents Project.

Support the Proud Grandparent's Project HERE.




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