Celebrating milestones - Graduating the NICU and SCN

Each year in Australia, approximately 27,000 babies are born premature and for many families this could mean a hospital stay of up to 4 months or even longer - in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and/or Special Care Nursery (SCN). 

From August onwards, the new Miracle Babies Foundation Special Graduation Bag will be distributed to families as they transition from hospital to home, as part of an enhanced partnership between BabyLove Nappies and Miracle Babies Foundation.

CEO of Miracle Babies Foundation, Kylie Pussell, says every step needs to be celebrated in a premmies journey and their homecoming is significant. "Having a pregnancy not go to plan can be devastating for a family. When a baby has to spend an extreme length of time in hospital it can be extremely overwhelming and finding a new normal can take time. Every small step needs to be celebrated in the NICU and SCN and that could include baby's first cuddle or first time in an open cot. Graduating and going home is a major celebration and represents the new journey of really feeling like a family. As exciting as it can be, the reality is that It can also be quite scary.  Suddenly you don't have doctors and nurses by your side, you're very much on your own and these babies are often still quite vulnerable to the environment around them. We're so pleased to be able to bring this new resource to hospitals for these families, going home is a new phase of the journey and it's important that they have support for this transition."

BabyLove is helping to support these families in celebrating one of the major milestones in their journey, leaving hospital and going home. BabyLove Nappies, will be the proud launch partner, sponsoring the very first 500 bags distributed to families as they leave the hospital. 

The Miracle Babies Foundation Graduation Bag will initially be introduced to limited hospitals only and later introduced into other hospitals around the country. Each bag will contain vital information and practical items to assist with the transition home. The first 500 will also include a handy, compact Change Mat Wallet, thanks to BabyLove Nappies as the proud launch supporter.

"As a nappy company, one of the key things we can do for premmie families is ensure the comfort of our smallest babies with appropriately size nappies that are soft and gentle on delicate skin", says BabyLove's Debra Smith.

BabyLove has supported Miracle Babies Foundation through funding for the past three years, enabling hundreds of families to access the charity's NurtureProgram, which includes a 24-hour helpline, in-hospital support service and out-of-hospital play and support groups. The support and playgroups (NurtureGroups) are one way that Miracle Babies Foundation already provides invaluable, emotional support and a discharge network for families transitioning home and beyond.

It is hoped that the Graduation Bag will be one more way of supporting families as they settle their newborn at home. 






BabyLove is a longstanding supporter of Miracle Babies Foundation and a leading nappy brand, for more information visit: www.babylovenappies.com.au. 



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