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Every year in Australia, more than 48,000 babies are born premature or sick and these babies can spend anywhere from up to one year in hospital. For families finally able to take their baby home, it can be both exciting and daunting.  For almost 2 years, the Miracle Babies Grad Bag has been helping thousands of families transition from the hospital to home. Each bag contains helpful information and items to provide reassurance and confidence as they find their new normal.


What parents find inside the Grad Bag:

  • Going Home Booklet - Helpful information to assist with your transition home, including information on sleeping, visitors, and when to call the doctor.39509561_1803621553007948_8003310366526275584_n.jpg
  • NurtureLine Magnet - 24hr family support line 1300 622 243 (1300 MBABIES)
  • Information on Miracle Babies Foundation services after discharge i.e. NurtureGroups - NurtureGroups are free play and support groups for families with premature or sick babies 0 to school age.
  • Gifts for families to enjoy their time at home together and track milestones
  • NICU Graduate Certificate 
  • Supporter Gifts or keepsakes

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Whilst it has only been available in selected hospitals, the parents and carers who have taken these resource packs home have found them immensely helpful.

“Going home is a major milestone for families with a premature or sick newborn. Finally being able to take your baby home after weeks or months being cared for in the NICU or Special Care Nursery is a moment these families will never forget, it’s the moment they have been longing for since their precious baby was born. At the same time though, it can bring so many mixed emotions. Suddenly you’re on your own, you don’t have the safety of doctors and nurses close by. This can be really frightening for parents. Through the introduction of this new resource, we are proud to be able to bring these families the extra support that they need at this special time. To celebrate with them and also make sure that they feel confident and reassured, and that they have access to the information and support that they need after they have left the hospital.” 
– Kylie Pussell, Miracle Babies Foundation CEO, Co-Founder, and mum to 3 surviving miracle babies. 

We’ve also been immensely lucky to have the support of BabyLove Nappies for being the proud launch partner and continuing supporter of this great resource, and also Liverpool Council for sponsoring additional bags in 2019/2020.

The fear and anxiety surrounding the move from the supportive environment of the hospital to the unknown environment of the home, is a reality shared by many families going through the journey, no matter how many days their baby has been in the hospital.


Image: Miracle Mum, Nicole

The journey that started once we were home from the NICU with our first child was difficult for us.  Once home from NICU, our daughter had 12-months of monthly follow up appointments with the hospital, as well as pediatrician visits and GP check-ups.  It was an emotionally exhausting time for our family, there was a lot of unknown and a lot of worry with her condition.  Be sure to confront your emotions, be sure to talk to your partner/family, be sure to acknowledge the situation, but most of all, be sure to accept the help and guidance provided for you.  Being a NICU parent is a unique ride, it is hard to explain it to someone who has not experienced all the emotion and concern that is involved.
– Nicole, mum to two premature babies

Now, almost 2 years on, we’ve seen the positive impacts the Grad Bag has had on thousands of families. The feedback we get helps to highlight what an amazing resource it is to help guide these parents and carers through such a critical time. For parents like Samantha, the Grad Bag was something she was so grateful to have been given following the early birth of her second daughter, Malia.

Samantha's bubs.PNG

Image: Samantha's two children, both born premature. 

After having one preemie baby I thought my next pregnancy would go full term. At 34 weeks and 6 days I woke up to what I thought was bad Braxton Hicks. At lunch time we went for a walk put the pain was intensifying. I said to my partner we need to go to the hospital, something isn’t right. When we arrived at the hospital my pain was at a 10. At 22:52 our beautiful daughter Malia was born weighing 2590g. Malia spent 14 days in hospital; with good days and bad days.
I will forever be grateful to… the Miracle Babies Foundation for providing support. A mum going through this truly needs to have someone else to tell you the feelings and emotions you are experiencing are totally normal.
The supportive resources from Miracle Babies are great too. I received both Miracle Babies Foundation bags; the NICU survival bag with my first daughter and the Grad Bag with my second daughter. Personally, both bags are amazing and the Nurturebook is just what you need as a Mum going through the emotional roller-coaster.”
- Samantha, mum to two miracle babies.


We are in the process of adding the Grad Bags to our hospital resource order form to allow even more hospitals access to the pack.

To request more information about the Grad Bag, email

Already recieved a Miracle babies Grad Bag? We would love to hear your feedback:


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