Kangaroo Care Chairs for important skin-to-skin contact

Our Kangaroo Care Awareness campaign was a success with many families sharing photos and stories about how important kangaroo cuddles has been for them. Kangaroo care or skin-to-skin care is a special way both mums and dads can spend time holding their baby and it is an experience parents remember fondly during their hospital stay. Usually, babies wear only a nappy and are placed in an upright position directly on the parent’s bare chest. The baby’s head will be turned to the side and then a blanket is placed on top.

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However, due to the current coronavirus pandemic some families may have experienced a change to their usual access to kangaroo care time. Despite this, skin-to-skin care is incredibly important and should still be done when safe to do-so. Although this is an unprecedented time, we hope valuable kangaroo cuddle time can be spent with your precious babies.

So, as we wrap-up our Kangaroo Care Awareness campaign we’d also like to update everyone on a donation that has helped families bond with their babies through kangaroo cuddles. Thanks to the generosity of The Honda Foundation and the support of Peter Warren Honda, five Kangaroo Care Chairs were donated to nominated NSW NICU's and SCN's.


The reclining Kangaroo Care Chairs help parents and carers safely and comfortably engage in skin-to-skin contact with their babies. The chairs are always popular in hospitals and often need to be booked in advance because there isn't enough to go around. The more of these chairs we can get into NICUs and SCNs for Miracle families, the better.

The lucky hospitals that had the most votes online to receive a donated chair were: Maitland Hospital, Nepean Hospital, Tamworth Hospital, Campbelltown Hospital, and Griffith Hospital.


Pictured: Our CEO and CoFounder, Kylie Pussell, presenting David Nguyen from Peter Warren Honda in Warwick Farm with our Certificate of Appreciation.

All the hospitals were so grateful because they know how important this resource is for Miracle parents. Here are some messages of appreciation from families and hospitals who are benefiting from the donation.

“The chair is a firm favourite with the mothers, they all love it and find it very comfortable. It is used every day." - Campbelltown Hospital


“Samantha with her beautiful twin girls using the Kangaroo Care Recliner Chair. Samantha commented she found it very comfortable and preferable, especially when nursing twins! We’re very grateful to have this chair here.” - Tamworth Hospital


"This is amazing!! Thank you so so much from myself, our beautiful nurses and incredible families! We can't believe it! This is so appreciated and will be such a valuable addition to our unit. This will really enhance the kangaroo care experience for our families and babies." - Megan, Maitland Hospital SCN.


"I can’t begin to even explain how excited we are to be receiving a chair. A huge thankyou from all of us here. It will make such a big difference to our families and positively impact on their experiences in the SCN." - Cathy, Griffith Base Hospital


"Thank you so much for this wonderful donation for our babies and families to enjoy! It means a lot that we received such high nominations from the community." - Kara, Tamworth Hospital

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Pictured: Parents using the donated kangaroo care chairs at Campbelltown HospitalMaitland Hospital and Tamworth Base Hospital.


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