Paige's journey inspires 'Motors for Miracles'

Paige's Journey
Written by Miracle Mum, Ursula Renfrew

From our 19 week scan we knew that Paige’s journey was not going to be a smooth one.

I had some bleeding and on the scan they could also see fluid in her stomach. We had test after test and they all came back negative. I had scans very 2 weeks to check fluid levels and to make sure it wasn't progressing to around her brain. Every week i would go to the obstetrician when the bleeding got too heavy or if i was concerned. At 23 +3 weeks we were sent for a second opinion scan. At this scan within 2 minutes of turning on the ultrasound and us watching on the screen the they turned it off and said I'm so sorry but your waters have broken. You have two options 1. You can look at options to terminate or 2. Can wait at home until your 24 weeks and then your obstetrician (who was away at the time) can talk to you about options to go to a hospital where a bed is available.

At that point we knew that if our little girl was still fighting, we were going to keep fighting along side her too! We also were thinking about our 14 month old son at home and what this would all mean for him too.

No one had checked me for signs of infection or to see what my risks were at that stage, so we took ourselves to an out of area emergency department. They were shocked at what we had been told and admitted me straight away. We were so thankful they were willing to give both myself and our little girl every chance to survive.

I continued to have scans and blood tests regularly whilst on bed rest in hospital. They also found a hard mass in her chest which they couldn't figure out what it was but measured and monitored it. Each week we were given some indication on what her immediate and long term future might look like if she was to be born that week in terms of survival and disability outcomes.

We had a tour of the NICU in preparation of needing a lot of care there. Both my husband and I were just so incredibly impressed at how well all these tiny babies were being cared for. It was then our goal to make it to the NICU as our daughter would have made it past the first major hurdle!

After multiple false alarm trips to the labour ward and the day had finally arrived. It was Easter Monday and I was 29 + 1 weeks and I felt quite off that morning and continuing to get a few aches. My blood results showed an increased immune response, so the doctors were discussing whether it was now safer to get her out then to leave her in, if there was a possible infection. Well the decision was made easy for them as I went into labour very quickly, whilst they were still discussing it.

Due to her being breech, no waters present and her heart rate dipping they decided to perform a Caesarean. Paige was born and even let out a little cry - What a MIRACLE! Whisked away very quickly for oxygen support but she was here!

The next hour was when it became very scary for everyone.

After surgery I was in recovery where i was in a lot of pain and they could not stabilise my blood pressure. The nurse and anaesthesiologist quickly realised I was bleeding internally and externally. I remember them getting very flustered and me reaching over to my husband and saying I'm in so much pain. Next minute the big red emergency button was pressed and all these doctors and nurses ran in. I was taken straight back into surgery where for the next 3 hours they were trying to figure out what went wrong.

I had 12 blood transfusions and was lucky to be alive. At the same time whilst I was in surgery my husband went to sit with Paige and she crashed. They had her on the High frequency oscillatory ventilation and 100% oxygen. Paige was given Nitric Oxide and miraculously within 24 hours she had turned the corner and started to improve. I spent 2 days in ICU where they were surprised at how well i had recovered but I had reason to get get better quickly as I needed to meet my miracle girl.

Day 3 I got to meet my precious girl! I couldn't hold her for very long being so weak but i burst into tears just knowing she had survived when so many said she wouldn’t. I later found out that a medical error occurred during my original caesarean but i would now make a full recovery.

Paige's scans post birth showed no signs of the mass in her lung and no ascites (fluid) in her stomach! Such a miracle, even the doctors were shocked! The social worker used to say we were some of the happiest people in the NICU but how could we not be with our girl surviving all the odds and being cared for so well by the staff, we were so grateful. Paige spent 6 weeks on CPAP, 2 weeks on Hi flow, 2 days on low flow and then off all breathing support for the rest of that week. At 38 weeks gestation and after 9 weeks of being in the NICU we were going HOME!!!

She is now one cheeky monkey - climbing, running and smiling everywhere she goes. The joy in her is infectious to everyone who meets her and we are so thankful for all the people who helped us through that time."

We set up Motors for Miracles car show as a way to raise much needed funds and awareness for the Miracle Babies Foundation. We raised $10,702 during our inaugural event. This year and we are in the process of organising the February 2020 event. I also set up the Paige and Co brand to be able to create products that could continuously give throughout the year in more ways than one and $1.00 from every sale is donated to Miracle Babies. I found in the NICU many people didn't know what to get as gifts as they weren't sure whether it was an exciting time or a sad time. The “Little Miracle” range is perfect to give to your friends or family who are expecting a miracle baby, who are currently in the NICU or are now at home with their child. These gifts have already enabled me to share our story of hope and hear other miracle journeys with those who have purchased them.

Date: Sunday February 23rd, 2020
Time: 9am - 1pm
Address: Hills Super Centre
16-18 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill NSW

You can learn more about the event HERE.  

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Ursula Renfrew

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