Abel, 26 Weeks

Miracle mum Hannah shares Abel's story:

I went to the doctors with a chesty cough and luckily had my blood pressure taken while I was there. It was so high, yet it hadn’t been an issue until now, so I was asked to monitor it. The following day it was even higher, so I made my way to the hospital. They did some quick blood tests and soon realised I had HELLP syndrome & preeclampsia and started prepping me with steroids to give my babies lungs the best chance they could. They soon did ultrasounds and while waiting for the results quickly transferred me by ambulance to the Mercy hospital who were more equipped for these situations. On arrival I found out there was no blood flow between myself, and my baby and his growth had been stunted.
With myself and baby still stable enough we made it through until the next day. Later that night, when nearly ready to take the monitor off, my babies heart rate dropped for 6 minutes straight prompting an emergency C section. Once he was out, they soon realised I had placenta accreta on top of it all.

Our little miracle scored a 9 on both APGAR tests and spent a total of 97 days in the NICU/SCN and will forever be grateful for the staff for saving our little guy.

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