Alana, 30 Weeks

Miracle mum Vicki shares Alana's story:

Alana was born 9 weeks early at 30+6 weeks due to partial placenta abruption. We found out I had complete placenta previa at my 19weeks scan and had to take life easy to make sure she didn't arrive too early. It was such a relief we made it to 24 weeks after a scare at 22 weeks. Alana nearly arrived at 27 weeks, and I was given steroids to develop her lungs and managed to keep her in until she was born at 30+6 weeks gestation. She stayed in NICU for 8 weeks with some hurdles but was beyond a relief the day we took her home. Alana is also a clubfoot baby who needs casts and a procedure to help correct her right food and wears special boots overnight while she grows. Although it has slowed down her development in walking nothing stops this girl from trying 😊

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