Alexander's Story, 26 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Reece shares the story about how she faced an impossible decision when her son arrived at 26 weeks and doctors told her his condition was dire.

"My son Alexander was born on the day of my baby shower. 

On day three of his life, he had a routine head-scan and the doctors found a Grade 4 bilateral Brain bleed. We were advised that he would face a lifetime of disabilities. It was heartbreaking and we had a big decision to make. We had to think about the quality of life he would have if we continued with life support.

But we decided to take it day by day. To enjoy every moment with him and celebrate each milestone in the NICU. It was always one step forward and two steps back (in our case it felt like three steps back).

Each hour was hard, each night was terrible as we were told to say goodbye, as the doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night.  

Next month my son turns five, a day we never thought would come. It’s been a tough five years; lots of specialist appointments, follow ups and physio. He is happy and healthy, meeting all his milestones and is going to kindergarten next year.

He will always be a miracle we will be forever thankful for."

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