Alice, 27 Weeks

Miracle Mum Jane shares Alice's story:

“Alice was born at 27 weeks gestation after I suffered premature rupture if membranes. She was born the same day after I woke up around 2 am leaking fluid. I was alone at the time, and drove myself to the local hospital in Armidale.

I was flown from Armidale hospital to John Hunter in Newcastle in the morning and Alice arrived at 3.30pm by emergency Caesarean section. I remember feeling so sorry for her, since she had such an unfair start to life.

We spent a month and a half at JHH and another month and a half back in the Armidale rural hospital. We received excellent treatment at John Hunter. I roomed in with Alice in the Armidale children’s ward, and it was really tough trying to establish breastfeeding and get her to gain enough weight, but we eventually did and Alice went home two weeks before her due date.

I was terrified we would be sent back to hospital, and would get really anxious around her check ups. Now Alice is fine. She is actually a very strong baby and is crawling at six months adjusted age.

I just want the very best for her and will do anything to make up for her tough start to life."



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