Annabelle and Riley, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum Natalie shares Annabelle and Riley's story:

My little family started with my two-year-old boy born March 2021 at 38 weeks gestation and spent two weeks in Dubbo Base NICU he had a little trouble with his breathing but is doing amazing. I gave birth to a little boy in July 2022 who was born 22 weeks gestation who was alive for an hour but did not make it.

Then I gave birth to twin girls in May 2023 at 32 weeks gestation one vaginal birth water broken 3 pushes she did stop breathing but not for long the second baby was emergency c section her water was broken I did one push and her hand come out the doctor pushed her back in as soon as that happened she stopped breathing and I started to hemorrhage. She had to be resuscitated but doing great since they spent 4 weeks in Dubbo Base NICU between having trouble breathing and then eating their bodies were struggling to process milk. One of my little girls got flown to Sydney RPA to get better care she spend a week in Sydney and then got flown home after putting on good weight and coming off CPAP.

we are now home settled in well both girls are eating and sleeping amazingly weight length and head circumference are exactly the same they are keeping up with each other and things are getting better and easier and I would never change it

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