Ashton, 23 Weeks

Miracle mum Tempany shares Ashton's story:

I have a complex of health issues and knew I wouldn't make this pregnancy (4th) to term, I was roughly 22+5 weeks. Early morning my waters suddenly broke on the 1st of December we rushed to the hospital and got assessed and confirmed my waters had broken and were continuing too, I was admitted straight away and after the doctors had a huge meeting they decided to assist and help prevent pre-term labor and gave me my first steroid injection. On the fourth day I felt off and told one of my nurses that something did not feel right, and I said I would have baby today, she dismissed me and said everything looked fine just have a rest. I tried to not think about it and had a nap but shortly after woke up to a tightening in my stomach and called the nurse over, sure enough, I was having contractions and was rushed to have an emergency c-section at 23 weeks. He was born and was rushed to NICU, I didn't get to see him for at least 4+ hours at that point because I was so nauseous from the surgery, little did I know I was sick with a staph infection that we found out a week later, I couldn't lift my head at one point. We both fought for our lives for 3 months, I was in and out of the hospital fighting my staph infection, two haematomas and another infection in my abdominal area that needed major surgery to clean out my body. Surprisingly, I recovered 4 weeks before Ashton got to come home. Ashton was born with a hole in his heart that after a year closed up fully by itself, he has cerebral palsy, global development delay, suspected Autism, glaucoma, and is short-sighted with other eye issues, he is a happy 4 and half year-old who is thriving and loving ECDP, I'm forever grateful for all the doctors, nurses and NICU doctors and nurses for everything they did for me and my son.

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