Ayla, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Mia shares Ayla's story:

After 126 days, my daughter Ayla born at 26 weeks, 755g, came home🤍

No oxygen support is needed at home, just her feeding tube left due to reflux.

We had a huge journey with Grade 4 IVH, hydrocephalus, ROP stage 2, CLD, renal vein thrombosis, complex CSF infection, 19 blood transfusions, 5 brain surgeries, 6 hospital transfers. Many doctors had comfort care discussions with us and advised us to turn off the machines. We were told it was the worst brain bleed the doctors had ever seen and that she would be missing half of her brain tissue. After shunt surgery, and seeing neurologists her brain reabsorbed the bleed and is growing normally, she has proved all of the doctors at the beginning wrong💫🙏

We live in a remote state in Australia ( Northern Territory) with no facilities for premature babies and were airlifted to a major city, 1500 km away when my daughter was born. We stayed 4.5 months in a different state and had 5 hospital transfers to be with our daughter🤍

She is now 8kg and thriving🤍

To the mummas just beginning their NICU journeys I am sending you so much love and hope for your beautiful miracles.

You are stronger than you think and you have got this ❤️

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