Bailey's Story, 34 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Rebecca shares Bailey's story.

"I was only 18, having a baby was still so surreal.

Paramedics were called shortly after 8am on 10th October 2011. I had been vomiting and complaining of a headache. I collapsed in the bathroom and shouted that I couldn’t get out because my brain had stopped functioning to tell my body to use my hands to open the door. I then collapsed and didn’t wake up till a few days after my son was born.

When the paramedics arrived the morning of the 10th, they were in disbelief my blood sugars were low -  that’s why I was feeling weak and faint. As she left, I had 6 eclampsia fits.

At just over 34 weeks pregnant, family members were told another ambulance would take an hour to arrive after ringing back. My family decided that I needed to get to a hospital ASAP. I was pulled out of the house by family and when I arrived at the hospital entrance, I was slouched unconscious in a wheelchair. Luckily a midwife starting duty had come over to assist, believing I had just gone into labour. By shock, she realised how ill I was and buzzed for more members to help.

At this point, I was unconscious, and my eyesight had gone. Two midwives and senior doctors scanned me but were not able to find a heartbeat. They decided that I needed to be forced into labour. During my many scans and under observation, my body started to decline as my organs began to fail.

At 6.45pm an emergency c-section was declared, and Bailey arrived blue and floppy. The birth was prepared for as a stillborn arrival, and my family waited anxiously after being told the baby had no chance of life, and I had a 10% chance but with long life complications. Bailey was pulled out, and a midwife found a faint heartbeat. Pediatrics were called and within 5 minutes, Bailey went from lifeless to breathing regularly.

Bailey spent two weeks in NICU and had a fast recovery. I recovered well and later was diagnosed with pres syndrome, which I fully recovered from. This is why I temporarily went blind. Severe Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.

I can’t remember much and lost the first five days of not being able to hold him or be aware of having a baby due to the induced coma I was in. Every birthday, I remember my family's decisions that day and the luckiness of being alive with Bailey against the odds. We were told by hospital staff that we were their worse case in 45years.

Baileys is now a fit and well 10 year old".


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