Bella's Story, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Rebecca shares Bella's story

“At only 26 weeks pregnant and after a month of being monitored daily for scans, they told me I would need to get ready to have an emergency c-section. Bella had stopped growing, and the blood flow was nearly non-existent.

They injected me with something to help, and I fainted. They called a MET and the next thing I remember is waking up in the bed and being told Bella had made it safely into the world!

We had many scares along the way, infections, NEC, problems with feeding, but she managed to get through it all without any major issues!

I was lucky enough to stay at the RMHC at Clayton during our 5 month journey, which meant I also got to spend every waking moment holding her and helping her feel safe as she fought her way home.

She is now a healthy 5.5 kilos and doing well! I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough for helping make it all possible”.

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