Byron and Charlotte's Story, 35 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Tess shares the story of twins, Byron and Charlotte.

"I was pregnant with DCDA (Dichorionic Diamniotic) twins; we were so shocked we were having twins and so excited.

I was 19 weeks along when my waters broke for Twin A. I was in Campbelltown hospital for six days and things looked ok. While I was there twin A was doing well, until December 22nd; before I was discharged I went for another ultrasound and there was no heartbeat for twin A.

I left the hospital after the ultrasound, but was readmitted January 2nd for an infection and treated with IV antibiotics and fluids for 48 hours and discharged again. Then, on January 20th, I woke up to a bleed and went back to the hospital. I was transferred to a larger hospital because I was 23 weeks.

I was then transferred to Liverpool hospital due to Antepartum hemorrhage on January 21st. I thought I would have to give birth beacause I watched everyone prepare for a c-section and I signed all the consent forms; I was very nervous, however I did not give birth that day, I remained there until I gave birth on April 9th.

I developed Chorioamnionitis, so I ended up needing an emergency c-section. I already had two steroid injections when I was first admitted and then had a further steroid injection the day before the c-section, along with IV antibiotics and fluids. I gave birth to twin A (passed twin), which ended up being a little girl who we named Charlotte, and a little boy we named Byron. He was born weighing 2380grams. He had low sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) and low body temperature and was immediately taken to the NICU unit. He had a feeding tube and IV fluids and antibiotics.

Throughout our time in NICU Byron was on oxygen, several rounds of IV antibiotics due to high temperatures and on a feeding tube. Byron was in NICU at Liverpool for 20 days and then transferred closer to home at Bowral hospital in the special care nursery. During the transport he was put back on oxygen and then taken off again later. He also had IV antibiotics at bowral for more high temperatures and the feeding tube remained.

Byron spent just over 4 weeks in hospital and I spent nearly 4 months in hospital plus the 4+ weeks in hospital with Byron. We did not find out the sex of our babies until they were born.

We also had another son at home who was 20 months old and it was extremely difficult to be away from him for so long, while also dealing with the loss of one baby and the birth of a healthy baby.

Miricale Babies have a great information pack and saw me several times."

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