Byron, 25 Weeks   

Having a baby arrive earlier than planned is already daunting, but for Miracle Mum, Nikki the COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the concerns for her baby's health as she navigates his chronic lung disease.  

"Byron was born at 25+3 weeks weighing 840g and measuring 35cm. For the first 6 days he was breathing with a little bit of help, but by day 7 he became tired and couldn't keep breathing and was having multiple blue episodes, so he needed to be placed on a breathing tube. It took Byron four attempts to get off the breathing tube. The last time he was placed on the breathing tube he was extremely tired and they used the rescue method on him which was high frequency ventilation and gave him 600 breaths a minute along with nitric oxide gas put into his oxygen, this meant he was sedated for 36 hours.

We were being told to prepare ourselves to say goodbye. After his sedation he started to come good and we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. We graduated to special care only to be moved back 5 days later as he wasn't coping well with his immunisation. He was going blue and floppy for 12 hours, so he went back onto high flow. After 2 days of that he became his normal self and we went back to special care.

After 128 nights in Townsville hospital we were finally able to take our little man home. He has chronic lung disease and is on home oxygen."

Thank you, Nikki for sharing.

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