Camilla, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Carol shares Camilla's story:

“I was 22 weeks when I was admitted into hospital for my severe sudden onset preeclampsia. I spent the next 4 weeks in hospital trying to control my blood pressure in hopes of prolonging my pregnancy.

By 26 weeks I had received 2 rounds of steroids and a scheduled ultrasound showed that my placenta started to be impacted, resulting in IUGR and my preeclampsia was no longer controllable. My whole team of Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors made the call to deliver. I delivered Camilla at 26 weeks and 1 day via emergency C section, she weighed a very little 680 grams. I remember hearing her first cry once Camilla came out and we began the NICU process.

Camilla spent 105 Days in Westmead hospital. It was very difficult being my first baby and a whole new experience but it was worthwhile. Nothing compared to seeing her grow and fight all obstacles and being able to take her home with us. I learnt so much about the NICU and premature babies and the hospital became a second home to me!

I’m so glad Camilla is home with us now and can’t believe we got through this experience. I’m forever grateful for the NICU at Westmead Hospital, the neonatologists and all the nurses who helped our little Camilla and made our NICU experience just that little better."



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