Cayden's Story, 26 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Rhianna shares the story of the day her son Cayden arrived in the world at 26 weeks, crediting the amazing NICU staff for saving her baby boy.

"At just 25+6 weeks my water broke. We were terrified. Royal Flying Doctors flew us 450 km away from our home to stay in hospital while we anxiously awaited the arrival of our son. I was contracting on and off and they were able to give nifedipine to stop the contractions. On day four my contractions got worse. Several doctors did tests and ultrasounds and told me my baby was not on his way, but I knew something was wrong.

At 7.22 pm bub arrived, just in time for the nurse to come running into the birthing suite with a team of NICU doctors. He weighed 1220 grams. We were shocked and all we could do was cry. He was breathing on his own and he managed a little cry before he was whisked away. He needed ventilation to begin with and then went onto CPAP. We were able to get cuddles when he was just four days old.

He fought off infection and gradually improved his breathing. He is currently 9 months old, 6 months corrected. He has come so far and without the incredible effort by our NICU staff we would not have our precious little boy."

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