Celeste, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum Emma shares Celeste's story:

Early on we knew Celly was going to be on the smaller side due to a two cord vessel, this meant extra scans to monitor and make sure everything was fine, she was measuring perfect up until around 20 weeks and my pregnancy had also been bliss up until this time too! At our first extra scan we were told she had stopped growing and was much smaller than anticipated. This lead to tests and finding out I had developed pre-eclampsia as well as the umbilical cord issue. From here on at around 25 weeks it was multiple hospital visits and monitoring both bub and I. Fast forward to 28 weeks and a few bloods pressure scares I had been admitted to hospital and spent the next few weeks in and out. Things were going well my medication was working to control my blood pressure for the time being and we were hoping to push out the pregnancy as far as possible until one of our growth scans revealed that Celeste had ultimately run out of amniotic fluid. A few hours later the Dr came to the hospital room for a visit to prepare us for an emergency c section the next morning. At 31 weeks and 4 days my tiny little miracle was born. She weighed just over a kg and was so tiny, but that didn’t stop her from smashing milestones, she was breathing on her own within 7 days and was doing very well. It just became a waiting game for her to be eating on her own and a little chunkier. Fast forward and we had a 6-week staycation in the NICU and then were ready to bring Celly home. Celeste came home weighing 1.8kgs and looked so small and petite in everything designed to be used for a newborn. Looking back at photos I cannot believe she was ever that small. She is now a sassy 8-month-old and her time in NICU seems like a distant memory. We are so grateful for everyone who supported us through our journey and are so proud of our little miracle.


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