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Cerebral Palsy is a physical disability that affects movement and posture. In Australia there are approximately 34,000 people with cerebral palsy. Worldwide, the incidence of cerebral palsy is 1 in 700 births. There are currently 17 million people in the world who have cerebral palsy. For most people with cerebral palsy, the cause is unknown and there is no known cure for Cerebral Palsy.

Being born extremely premature or critically ill at birth can increase the risk of Cerebral Palsy.

For more information about Cerebral Palsy, download this factsheet


For most children in Australia a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy would have occurred anywhere from birth to 5 years of age and support may already be in place to transition your child to school.

Entering the school ages can be challenging for your child and yourself as parents.  Exploring options and speaking with your child’s health care team can support you along the way to decide what is the best option for your child. 

Deciding on a school is a big decision. Make appointments and meet with the Principal of your school of choice and find out what support they can offer to best assist your child. Knowing your child’s needs is vitally important to help get them the best school environment to help nurture their development.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) offer school holiday programs in some states to continue assisting the development needs for your child. CLICK HERE to find out more.

To find out which therapies and intervention could help improve your child’s outcomes, CLICK HERE.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance provide guides designed to support students to achieve their best outcomes during secondary school. Each guide has been informed by evidence based thinking and long-time learnings. CPA is proud to be a pre-qualified provider under the Department of Education’s Specialist Allied Health Scheme* to ensure learning adjustments are appropriate and effective for students. This means we are fully approved by the Department to deliver occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and behaviour support.

For parents and carers of children with Cerebral Palsy, it is important that you take care of yourself too. Feeling empowered and in control can play such a huge positive impact on your mental health.  Cerebral Palsy Alliance provide support for parents and carers and specialise in working with families for the best outcome for each child and family.

To connect and request support in caring for your child with Cerebral Palsy, please CLICK HERE. 

As well as face to face services CPA also offers CPA@home, evidence based programs delivered digitally through CPA Telepractice and other platforms. Programs and services include therapy, health and wellbeing, as well as coaching and skills building workshops. Download CPA’s service catalogue to find out how you can work towards your goals in the comfort of your home, funded through your NDIS plan.

Special thanks to Cerebral Palsy Alliance for content sharing and providing support for families.https://cerebralpalsy.org.au/ 

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