Charles, 32 Weeks


Miracle Mum Katie shares Charles's story:

I had a dream pregnancy and got medical clearance to fly at 32 weeks to Melbourne for a wedding in the beautiful Yarra Valley. At the recovery event the day after the wedding, I started to notice some pains but put it down to Braxton hicks. But the pain became very uncomfortable, and we knew something was not right. So we decided to make the trip to the hospital which was 45 minutes away. Once we got to the hospital, I was 9cm dilated and everyone realised Charles was ready to enter the world! After only one hour at the hospital, Charles arrived and was taken up to NICU. We then spent 4 weeks in Melbourne in NICU at the Mercy Hospital for Women, where we stayed in temporary accommodation up the road so we could visit multiple times a day. Our care at Mercy was outstanding and I will be forever grateful. We got transferred back to Brisbane and after just five days at Mater Hospital in Brisbane, we were all finally sent home together as a family.

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