Charlie, 26 Weeks


Miracle Mum Courtney shares Charlie's story:

Charlie was born 26 weeks via emergency classical C section.
My husband and I were on holidays in Melbourne visiting family for Easter when early in the morning I woke up with pain in my lower back, and I was bleeding so we rushed to the closest hospital (30 minute drive) from getting to the hospital and a short time later I was being rushed to the theatre with known placenta previa.
Charlie spent 2 months in the NICU and SCN in Joan Kearner Hospital before being allowed to be flown to Sydney to a hospital closer to home, where we spent another 2 months trying to wean her off oxygen and being sent back and forth between another specialist hospital. She was finally at a safe enough level of oxygen to be able to come home with oxygen therapy. Currently still trying to wean the oxygen off her but she is thriving and meeting all her goals and is such a fighter in her short little life.

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