Colby's Story, 28 Weeks

Miracle Mum Rebekah, shares her baby Colby's story.

"I had a pretty easy pregnancy until when at my 20 weeks scan I was told that my cervix had shortened already. I had to start progesterone pessaries to hopefully stop it from shortening any further.

At 28+2 days I started having contractions at home (which I thought were just Braxton Hicks as I was so early) and I just tried to sleep it off. They were pretty consistent, but not painful and after I had managed to have a short sleep, I woke up to go to the toilet and quickly noticed that I had some bleeding.

My husband and I arrived at Campbelltown Hospital, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and went straight to the birthing unit. After some tests, they come back that I was in labour, or would go into labour in the next few days. So, I was immediately transferred to Liverpool Hospital as Campbelltown didn’t do deliveries prior to 32 weeks. After two days of trying to stop the labour, Colby was born at 28+5 days measuring in at 39.5cm and weighing 1.45kg.

Colby was put straight on to CPAP to help with his breathing, a feeding tube was put in and was in an isolette. When he was one month old he was transferred into an open cot and was taken off CPAP and put onto High-Flow Oxygen. Colby went through the NICU without any real issues, apart from taking a while to get off the CPAP machine.

A few days shy of being two months old, we got transferred to Campbelltown SCN on Low-Flow Oxygen, and that same day Colby decided he didn’t want any more wires and pulled out his Oxygen Tubes and his feeding tube. The nurses decided to see how he would go without either put back in. Two days later at 36+5 days old, we went home with no oxygen required and he was on full feeds.

Some days were very hard because of COVID-19. We had to wear masks the whole time while in hospital and only the parents were allowed to visit, but one at a time. So, we didn’t have the support of each other. Without the support of the nurses and doctors, it would have been tough to get through this journey.

Colby’s our little, but tough, Miracle baby."

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