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Research happens in NICUs across Australia, and around the world. Every trial that happens within Australian NICUs have gone through very strict protocols and guidelines, had input by NICU parents and have undergone independent ethics approvals.

There is an underlying understanding that the care our babies receive today is available as a result of others before them taking part in research and that those who participate in research contribute to improvements in standards of care and long-term quality of life.

The importance of having Consumer Representatives in research is integral to improve best practice.

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Please note: Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Consumer Representative on behalf of the Miracle Babies Foundation, we have had an overwhelming number of responses and are currently going through applications. Please check back again shortly.

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Miracle Babies Consumer Representatives:

Kylie Pussell

Philippa Grimston

Tina Parker

Rachel Taufer

Megan Norbury

Andrea Hendry