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Navigating the neonatal experience with a premature or sick baby can be challenging and financially stressful.   Donated baby items can provide significant relief and financial comfort.  Remember, you are not alone—there is a community ready to support you through your journey. 

The Importance of Donated Baby Items

The costs associated with having a baby in the neonatal unit can quickly add up, including medical bills and everyday expenses.  Access to necessary items such as clothing, blankets, and nappies can make daily life a bit easier. These items offer practical support, allowing you to focus on you and your baby’s health and well-being. 

Receiving donations from the community can provide an emotional lift, showing you that you are not alone in your journey. The sense of solidarity and support can be incredibly uplifting. 

In addition to the support that Miracle Babies Foundation provide there are many non-profit organisations and hospital donation programs who offer crucial support to neonatal families across Australia, ensuring that parents and children have access to the essentials they need during challenging times. All donated items are typically new or gently used and meet safety standards. This ensures that your baby receives high-quality and safe items. Speak with your hospital’s social worker or neonatal staff for more information. 

If you need assistance or would like to support these organisations, please visit their websites for more information. 

New South Wales 

Dandelion Support Network -  

The Dandelion Support Network helps families in need by providing pre-loved nursery items and children's clothes. They work with social workers and support agencies to reach those who need assistance. 

We Care Connect - 

We Care Connect supports disadvantaged children by supplying essential baby and children's items. They collaborate with local services to ensure that children have what they need to thrive. 

Western Australia 

Little Things for Tiny Tots - 

Little Things for Tiny Tots provides essential baby items to families in need. Their baby boxes are filled with supplies to help give babies the best start in life. 


St Kilda Mums - 

St Kilda Mums rehomes donated nursery equipment and clothing to families in need. They ensure that no child goes without basic essentials. 

Big Group Hug - 

Big Group Hug supports families by providing donated goods to children and families experiencing hardship. They offer clothing, toys, and essential items. 

Mums Supporting Families in Need - 

MSFIN helps families experiencing hardship by providing essential items and support. They rely on donations and volunteers to meet the needs of the community. 

Olivia’s Place - 

Olivia's Place supports parents through pregnancy and early parenting by providing practical and emotional support. 

Bendigo Community Health Services Angels 

This service provides financial and material support to families in need, ensuring they have access to essential items and services. 

Australian Capital Territory 

Roundabout Canberra - 

Roundabout Canberra provides safe, clean, and essential baby and children's items to families in need. They work closely with community and social services. 

South Australia 

Treasure Boxes - 

Treasure Boxes delivers essential items to vulnerable children and families, including clothing, toys, and nursery equipment. 

Sunshine Bendigo - 

Sunshine Bendigo supports families by providing essential items and services to those in need. 


Baby Give Back - 

Baby Give Back provides baby essentials to families in crisis. They aim to give every baby a safe and healthy start in life. 


Tassie Mums - 

Tassie Mums helps families in need by providing essential items for babies and children. They collect, sort, and redistribute donations to families across Tasmania. 

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