Ekampreet, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum Chloe shares Ekampreet's story: 


October 2022, I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. We were excited and my 3-year-old was excited to become a big sister. We went overseas for 2 months in February and returned early April. At my 31-week appointment was when the midwife at Campbelltown noted i had lost weight. In the 3rd trimester that’s not good. My fundal height was measuring at 28 weeks not 31, there was concerns about baby’s growth. I was told I wasn’t leaving the hospital. The ultrasound showed that bub had stopped growing at around 25 to 26 weeks whilst I was still in India. They were amazed that she was still alive. I was then transferred to Liverpool hospital as their NICU could handle a baby of her size. Later that night after picking up my other daughter from daycare, we went to the hospital and hubby took miss 3 home, I was given a steroid for bubs lungs and magnesium for her brain. I was then prepped for surgery. At 11:44pm on April 20 a full 9 weeks early, Ekampreet entered the world crying and at a tiny 652gms. There was talk she might not make it. However, she got excellent Apgar scores. I knew she had a long road ahead. She had a grade 1 haemorrhage, but it resolved itself by day 46 of life. Seeing all those tubes and wires was scary, but it helped having other parents there to talk to. I met a couple of miracle babies volunteers who were great listeners and provided information packs to help us on our journey. 18th June she is finally ready for transfer and is transferred to Campbelltown hospitals special care nursery. She still had her feeding tube, but it was removed 1 week prior to going home. She has CLD (chronic lung disease) and has come home on oxygen. Hopefully once the overnight test happens she won’t need it anymore.

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