Eleanor and Delilah, 30 Weeks

Miracle Mum Alicia shares Eleanor and Delilah's story:

“I was put in hospital at 24 weeks and given the statistics. At 26 weeks I was asked if I wanted to do twin selection. I worked out if I stayed on my left hand side Eleanors blood flow wouldn’t reverse. I had daily scans each time I held my breath.

I counted down the days, the weeks. I prayed alot. I knew the longer I could hold you both in the best chance you both had.

On the Tuesday the 10/08 I was told you both had to come out. To say I was scared was a understatement. Again we were told the statistics. You were delivered on the Friday the 13/08 at 10:29 am born at 30w3d.

Delilah was put straight under blue light as her blood was so thick it could clot. Eleanor was resuscitated and given a blood transfusion. And this is where our long journey began as preemies.

The nurses were amazing we had days where we kicked goals and days where we had set backs. I also worked out from all the tears I’m 90% water. I met some of the most incredibly strong and brave parents/ friends I could ask for they gave me strength and made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

After 70 days in hospital (which is a short stay compared to others) I was finally allowed to bring you both home. I love you both so much and thank you for being little fighters. Xx"



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