Elianah, 24 Weeks


Miracle Mum Pho shares Elianah's story:

I fell pregnant with Elianah after shortly meeting my partner now second husband. After struggling fertility wise, my first son was born via IVF, I fell pregnant naturally with Elianah ‘Ellie.’ Connor was born at 33 weeks gestation and only had a short stay in hospital before being discharged. I had a great pregnancy second time round and there were no signs of complications with Ellie. I was working as an Assistant Principal at the time and had planned to work to at least 30 weeks. At 21 weeks gestation, I had a feeling that she was going to come early. I felt her drop and just pressure between my legs as if she will fall out with every step I took. At 23 weeks, my mucus plug went, and I drove myself to Campbelltown hospital. I remember telling work that was just going in to get checked up and make sure everything was ok. Little did I know that I would not be returning to work and would be put on bed rest. They put me in the birthing unit to be monitored. I remember there were two women in the bed on either side of me ready to give birth at any moment. I assured the midwives that I was fine and to tend to the other women first. After three hours a doctor had come to check my cervix - I was already three centimetres dilated. At this stage, everything happened so quickly - my partner was called, and Liverpool Hospital was informed of my arrival. This felt like history was repeating itself. I was very calm and remember praying to God and just begging him to take care of us both. My partner followed me in the ambulance as I was transported with a midwife. Upon arriving at Liverpool, they managed to get a steroid shot in to stop me from dilating and to support the baby. I was on complete bed rest. From that day on, the neonatologist and doctors would come in each day to give us the statistics on her survival rate and viability. As each day progressed, we had accepted the fact that if she came early, we were keeping her regardless of the outcome. She had been a living and breathing little person inside me for over 20 weeks and she deserved a chance at life. I held her in for another week which made all the difference as she put on an extra 100 grams. The day the emergency caesarean was scheduled, I knew that she would survive. She was born in a controlled environment with all the doctors and specialists who met us on the day we arrived. God played a part in her arrival and survival. She had all the implications a NICU baby endures - intubated, extubated, numerous blood transfusions and relapses. She was in hospital for around 150 days before being discharged to come home. She has since been diagnosed with chronic lung disease and global developmental delay and has been in and out of hospital over the last four years. However, I am grateful she is happy and healthy. Elianah just turned five years old and will be going to kindergarten next year. I truly believe that I was meant to be her mother as the lord knew I was strong enough to face the challenges that came with her being born so early. Although you can never prepare yourself for a premature birth, I believe as a woman it is built in our DNA and make up to just keep do what we need to do. I reflect and am forever grateful for our amazing support network and the doctors and nurses at Liverpool Hospital. They truly are the angels who take care of our angels.

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