Ellie's Story, 26 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Taylor shares the story of how the worst day of her life turned out to also be the best day.

"When Ellie wasn't moving for a whole day I was worried, I knew something was wrong. I ended up going to hospital thinking to myself that I was overreacting. At 26 weeks pregnant I thought to myself that this can't be happening. As I went for an ultrasound I knew from the facial expression that it was serious. I was having a placental abruption and my little girl was clinging on to life. I overheard a doctor say that my baby wanted to die, I was then rushed to Penrith via ambulance and then straight for a c-section.

How can the worst day, also be the best day of our lives? Only weighing 642grams, we were told to expect the worst. She was on CPAP for seven days until we got a phone call; she was being transferred to another hospital for a surgical opinion because they thought she had Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC)

From then on, she had a heart problem and had to be sedated and was practically paralysed. With fluid building up she ended up with collapsed lungs where she had to have a needle through her side to release air and pressure. At this stage we were uncertain if she would survive.

For 21 days she was intubated and we couldn't hold her or touch her. She fought constant infections. Ellie was in hospital for 96 days and is safely home and doing well.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support we got."   

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