Evie's Story, 27 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Kylie shares her daughter Evie's story.

"It was an absolute shock and surprise waking at 5am to find my water breaking at 26 weeks. I had had an easy-breezy pregnancy without the slightest of complications to date! We arrived at the hospital an hour later and I was admitted. The doctors were unsure as to how soon my baby would arrive.

We were due to fly to Fiji for our 'Baby-moon' that night and in shock and denial, we somehow thought we'd still be going! After six days of doing my best to keep bub inside the comfort and security of my womb, nature took it's course and she was born at 27+1weeks. At 780gm she looked more like a new bird without feathers than a human baby; all skin and bones and not yet properly formed - we were worried that she wouldn't make it.

We had appropriately named her Evie, meaning 'Life' in Hebrew and we certainly hoped she'd have the strength and fight required to see her through; not only the next few hours and days, but the 12 and a half week stay that followed in the NICU.

Evie had tremendous strength and consistently passed the number of tests that followed in her early weeks of life.

Taking her home was surreal. Evie continues to amaze us and we're about to embark on her first birthday. It'll be a celebration in a multitude of ways. She's still tiny at 6.3kg, but she's our perfect little miracle."

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