Fletcher and Willa, 26 Weeks

Miracle mum Kayleigh shares Fletcher and Willa's story

"I went into spontaneous labour at 26+6, I was having quite uncomfortable back pain for a few days but was told it was normal. I worked a full day on the Tuesday they were born and urged by my boss and colleagues to go straight to the hospital to get checked out.

I did so to find out I was already 7cm dilated. I was petrified, I had no idea what this meant for me or my babies. My designated hospital were not equipped for babies so premature and so I was rushed via ambulance to KEMH and 2 hours later Fletcher and Willa were born and quickly whisked off to the NICU.

I can remember telling my husband to follow them and him being in two minds about what to do. Be with me at my most vulnerable moment or make sure his children were ok!

I needed to know what this meant for the twins, I just kept thinking will they survive? I needed validation that no one could give. We just kept hearing they are good weights, doing well but those first few days were a daze of uncertainty.

Both spent 75 days in the NICU between KEMH and FSH and were discharged 2.5 weeks shy of their due date. Both of our warriors battled through a myriad of their own fights (PDAs, brain bleeds, anemia, CLD etc...) that I will forever be in awe of.

We were very lucky with as much of an uneventful NICU journey you can wish, but they will forever be the hardest three months of my life.

We are so thankful to have two very healthy, active and full of life 1 year olds who continue to surprise us and smash every milestone with a smile".


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