Freddie, 34 Weeks

Miracle mum Fiona shares Freddie's story:

Our son Freddie was born unexpectedly on June 8, 2023, at 34 weeks. I began experiencing discomfort, which turned out to be contractions. After calling the midwife, my husband and I made our way to Gosford Hospital on the route the pain intensified, indicating Freddie's imminent arrival. Sure, enough a couple of hours later following a caesarean section, I finally held our beautiful baby boy, though not the birth I'd planned of the birthing pool, ambience of fairy lights, scent diffusers, and my carefully curated playlist., it was the single greatest moment of our lives meeting him.

Due to his premature birth, Freddie was admitted to the Special Care Nursery (SCN). I was on the adjoining maternity ward for a few nights post-recovery. Once I was discharged, I was told they had a bed for me in the SCN, I was overjoyed at being provided a place to stay with Freddie. I remained with him throughout his stay. He was so peaceful wrapped snugly in an incubator with a feeding tube, Freddie required special care, which we quickly adapted to. My husband, Sam and I had all Freddie’s care shown and explained to us to we could also help care for him. We very quickly became masters of the baby burrito wrap. My husband Sam would drive back and forth daily, offering support and spending as much time as he could with Freddie in between work. Freddie got as many visits from his Amma and Auntie as they possibly could, he was a very lucky little boy.
Freddie thrived in the SCN, gaining weight steadily. Despite our eagerness to bring him home, leaving the supportive environment of the nurses, midwives, and paediatricians was daunting, we had received so much support. Yet, after ten days, Freddie reached milestones, and we were able to take him home. After completing medical checks, the three of us bid farewell to the SCN staff and thanked them for everything. Freddie was secured in the car seat and off we went to start our new journey as a family of three.
Sadly, though this was not meant to be and in two months our darling boy passed away. We have only been 10 months without him, but I believe he is with us every day and I just think how lucky we are to have had him and that I was able to stay with him whilst he was in the SCN it gave me so much more time with our darling baby boy Freddie. I love this picture of Freddie and his many faces. He was such a perfect little man.

This is why it is so important to us to help raise funds for Miricale Babies Foundation is our way of giving support back to those who supported us so greatly when we needed it most and why it is so meaningful do undertake the charity walk on Freddie's first birthday. 

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