Gift in Will


Leaving a gift in your Will could provide support to hundreds (or even thousands) more families with a premature or sick newborn for years to come. It costs $67 to provide full support to just one family in their first year through our NurtureProgram and with more than 48,000 babies born requiring specialised care each year, your support could make a big difference.

Join us to help more families cope through the challenging experience of having a baby born premature or sick by leaving a gift in your Will. You may decide to:

  • Include a percentage of the remainder of your estate, this is known as the "residue". After you have provided for your friends and family, you can leave a percentage of the remainder of your estate to Miracle Babies Foundation.

  • Nominate a percentage of your total estate that you would like Miracle Babies Foundation to receive.

  • Leave a specific amount of money, real estate or shares to Miracle Babies Foundation — this is known as a pecuniary gift.

Suggested wording:

“I give, free of all duties or taxes, [the sum of $ … or … % or the rest and residue] of my estate to Miracle Babies Foundation (ABN 14 1374 345 96) for its general purposes.”

If you are interested in supporting Miracle Babies Foundation, you can contact our office and we can send you the information that you need to help you with your decision and make the process easy for you with your Solicitor.

Email: [email protected] or phone (02) 9724 8999.

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