Harper, 37 Weeks

Miracle mum Kaitlyn shares Harper's story:

What started out as normal labour quickly turned into an emergency. Harper’s heart rate was dropping and at times completely undetectable. I was rushed in for an emergency caesarean to get Harper out as fast as possible.

It was discovered that I had a placental abruption and Harper was being deprived of oxygen. Harper was in very poor condition at birth and from this, had hypoxic liver injury. She was cared for in the NICU for 12 days. The first few days were so awful, filled with uncertainty and hopelessness but as the days went on we watched Harper make a miracle recovery.
After many tests and treatments, Harper was well enough to continue her recovery at home.

At 6 months old she was discharged from the outpatient services and today is an incredibly happy & healthy almost 1 year old.

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