Harrison's Story, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum Candace share's Harrison's Story

“Before September last year, I never really thought much about premature babies or Neonatal Intensive Care Units, but it very quickly became our entire world. My pregnancy was fairly uneventful up until the last trimester. At 31 weeks, I went to the hospital for a follow-up appointment. Little did I know I wouldn’t be going home for the next 6 weeks. My blood pressure had suddenly become extremely high, and after being deemed an emergency, I was airlifted to Sydney immediately. Two days later on the 15th of September, Harrison was born at Nepean hospital at only 975 grams.

Harrison was delivered under a general anaesthetic, so I didn’t get to meet him straight away, and as he was so tiny and unstable, I wasn’t able to hold him until the following day. Being in the peak of covid, my husband and I had to take it in turns to see our baby, and due to restrictions, we couldn’t have anyone come to Sydney to support us. We spent almost 7 weeks living hours from home, watching our baby fight for his life within his humidicrib.

Harrison endured a lot during his stay, receiving oxygen support, phototherapy, IV nutritional support, MRIs and ultrasounds, eye scans as well as countless blood tests. Every day was a battle, and we were robbed of so many happy moments we should have experienced as first-time parents. Walking out of the hospital doors each evening without my baby was heartbreaking.

The day before Harrison’s original due date, we finally got the chance to take him home. We spent 61 days watching miracles happen and hope blossom. I am so grateful that our little man never skipped a beat and continued to be strong even when I couldn’t. He is perfect, and he has made us a family.

Looking back on the months spent in the hospital with Harrison, the experience made me reevaluate what is really important in life. It has also made me a more patient person and realise life doesn’t always go according to plan. We are forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who fought for Harrison every day and the wonders of modern medicine.

Since being discharged from the nursery, our journey has continued to be tough. At 7 weeks corrected age, Harrison was diagnosed with an infection that rapidly spread through his body. He was treated for 3 weeks in hospital.

Harrison is now back home with us again, ready to take on round two. Being premature and low birth weight made him more prone to severe infection. Whilst it isn’t completely behind us just yet, Harrison is back to his happy and healthy self, smiling and making proud. He is a true representation of just how tough premature babies truely are”.

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