Harry, 24 Weeks

Miracle Mum Claire shares Harry's story:

"During our first trimester I was rushed to Hospital on several occasions due to significant bleeding. At our 20 week scan I was informed I had a shortened cervix, the following day I went into Hospital and had a cervical cerclage under general anaesthetic. However I continued to bleed and was eventually admitted for monitoring. I then received steroid injections to speed up the development of bubs lungs and magnesium sulphate for neuroprotection. At 24+3 I had an emergency c-section. Our baby boy was born weighing 615 grams. Harry was rushed to NICU where he spent the next 100 days.

During Harry's NICU journey he experienced the following:
- caffeine therapy
- ventilation on 2 occasions
- surgery to repair hernias
- hydrocele
- cpap belly
- 7 blood transfusions
- PDA ( eventually closed with the use of NSAIDS)
- brain scans
- multiple cannulars and blood tests
- chronic lung disease diagnosis
- overdosed (received 10 times the reccomended dose of diaretics)
And much more!

Harry was discharged after spending 100 days in NICU. We were so excited to take our baby home to his family. The NICU experience was the scariest and hardest thing we have ever been through.

Our little man is nearly two now!

Harry is such a happy boy with a cheeky personality. We will forever be grateful to the Doctors and Nurses at the RHH."

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