Hunter, 30 Weeks

Miracle Mum Kieora shares Hunter's story:
"At the 20 week scan they stated that I had IUGR, low amniotic fluid again in this pregnancy and diagnosed me with oligohydramnios. I went for a routine scan at 29 weeks, we had just got out of isolation 2 days prior. While we were in isolation I coughed so much that my waters had broken without me knowing.

As soon as my 29 week scan was done I was advised to see my midwife for a CTG because the baby had abnormal movements. After 5 and a half hours of monitoring, a doctor told me we were on the next plane to Adelaide. There were no beds available in Adelaide so we were flown to RPA in Sydney.

I had a further 2 scans to see if there were any difference in the baby’s growth. I was told that Hunters abdomen was measuring 5 weeks behind due to the umbilical cord not giving him enough, blood, nutrients and oxygen to grow, and that the likelihood of me having a stillborn were very high. We were put in for an emergency c-section Tuesday morning.

When Hunter was born he weighed 1022 grams, had a collapsed lung and spent a total of 65 days back and forth between c-pap and high flow because he wasn’t handling it well.

We travelled back and forth between Sydney and Bathurst every weekend to spend time with our 10 month old daughter and after 9 long weeks he turned a corner and we were transferred home. We spent 2 nights in our local hospital for monitoring and we were finally discharged - 6 days before his due date."



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