Hyundai Help for Kids partners with

Miracle Babies Foundation

Miracle Babies Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with Hyundai, as part of their CSR program, Hyundai Help for Kids.

“At Hyundai Help for Kids, we're creating brighter tomorrows for kids today. That's why since 2014, a portion of every Hyundai sold* goes directly towards our Hyundai Help for Kids program. A program dedicated to supporting a range of not-for-profit organisations making a difference for kids in need.”

Miracle Babies Foundation is one of a selected number of charities working to deliver critical support for kids in need and their families, in areas of community, medical and vehicle assistance. Since 2014, more than $12 million has been raised to support not-for-profit organisations within Australia.

As part of the partnership with Miracle Babies Foundation, the Hyundai Help for Kids program will provide much needed support to families in regional NSW. Including delivering in-hospital peer support to families with a baby in specialised care due to prematurity or sickness at birth, resources providing tools and information for critical stages of a family’s journey throughout their baby’s hospital stay, at discharge and assisting with providing breastmilk while travelling to and from the hospital each day.

Hyundai Help for Kids will also provide support toward petrol vouchers provided to regional NSW hospitals, to be provided to families in need during their baby’s stay.

Every year in Australia, around 48,000 require specialised medical care due to prematurity or sickness at birth. For these families, the impacts on their child’s health, development along with their own mental health can be lifelong.

The Hyundai Help for Kids partnership will make an incredible difference in improving the lives of these families and will provide vital support throughout their hospital journey and for years after discharge.