Introducing our newest Ambassadors - Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson


Miracle Babies is excited to announce it’s newest Ambassadors of the Foundation, Bryce and Melissa! We sat down to discuss the partnership and what it means to them.

Tell us a little about yourselves

Melissa: My name is Melissa, my friends call me Liss. I’m 33 years old, a first time Mummy to twin boys I am currently on maternity leave from work; however, I am employed as a public servant within the Victorian State Government. Bryce and I met on the reality TV show ‘Married at First Sight’ in 2020 and we have been together ever since.

Bryce: We are now engaged to wed in February 2023. I have worked in the radio industry for 11 years and am a sports enthusiast, and I play soccer and Aussie rules myself.


Can you please share a little about your NICU experience?

Melissa: NICU is that one place where your babies are in the safest hands and yet, you still want nothing more than to have them home with you in that moment. During our 54 days in NICU, every doctor and nurse was so kind, understanding and considerate of what I was going through, even though they would have encountered thousands of other parents before me and had to reassure and comfort them in the same way that they did me. The beeping of the machines and tiny crying babies was truly so heartbreaking and every time I’d hear an alarm, I would go into a panic. There was never any cause for concern and each day got a little bit easier as you learn what noises are important and the support of the staff during those difficult times certainly got me through. 

Bryce: It was mostly positive with the twins hitting their little milestones along the way. Some days were tougher than others, and came with information about the boys that we didn’t know much about but we were always kept updated on the boys and their progress which made our time in NICU much easier to process.


Having experienced the birth of your premature twins, what were a few of the best things and the toughest things of your family’s experience?

Melissa: When my babies were born, I did not get to hold, nurse, kiss or care for them or do anything that other parents get to do when their baby is born full term. I missed out on so much of that precious bonding time in the first 9 weeks and I still to this day mourn that loss of time. And those first few weeks when they are so extremely tiny and underdeveloped, covered in cords, feeding and breathing tubes covering their nose and down their throat and a needle in their tiny arm made me cry every day.

The best thing was the kangaroo cuddles, spending those precious moments bonding skin to skin. My first twin cuddle was the absolute best! And being able to call any time, day or night gave me reassurance.

Bryce: The best thing was definitely when we got to take the boys home from the hospital.



What words of encouragement do you have for Parents who have a baby in the NICU?

Melissa: Your NICU experience will only be temporary and a time will come where it will all be a distant memory. There is a whole community out there who understand what you are going through and you are not alone.

Bryce: While it may seem tough at times in the NICU, just remember there are always people who you can support you through the good and the bad days. I always thought about what it would feel like on the day that we would finally be able to take the boys home, that’s what got me through it.




How do you feel about being an Ambassador for Miracle Babies Foundation?

Melissa: I am so honoured and moved that I can show my support for Miracle Babies Foundation, who supported us during our entire NICU journey. Before I had children, I had never stepped foot into a NICU ward and I was completely oblivious and ignorant to what parents and families who had a sick or premature baby experienced during those unimaginable times. I hope to continue to build awareness and provide an insight into those tough experiences and assist in raising much needed funds for hospitals in need.

Bryce: it’s great to be able to use our platform to contribute in spreading awareness of the great things Miracle Babies does tot support parents through the NICU journey.


What is something that always surprises you about children?

Melissa: Children are so resilient and strong. It is so hard to believe that such tiny humans can beat unimaginable odds when they are so young and small.

Bryce: Everyday there is something different with Levi & Tate. Whether it’s a new sound, a new emotion or witnessing their personalities develop, everyday is a blessing. 


How are the boys doing now that you’ve brought them home from hospital?

Since bringing the twins home, they have gone from strength to strength. They have progressed very well in terms of their growth, feeding and sleep routines. Because they were born prematurely, the boys developmental skills are where they should be for their corrected age and they are extremely happy babies – we’re very lucky!

Bryce Melissa Levi Tate

Melissa Bryce Levi Tate