Jacinta & Kyah's Story, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Liz shares Jacinta & Kyah's Story

"As our first baby, Grace was nearing 1 and a half when my husband and I decided we wanted to give her a sibling. Within the first couple of months of trying, we got those two (rather dark) pregnancy lines. After struggling to conceive Grace and suffering a miscarriage before her, I remember thinking “That was easy”.
As we went to our dating scan, it quickly became apparent we were expecting twins. My husband and I both gasped but were extremely excited. However, the elation and shock soon faded as the sonographer said “It almost looks like they are conjoined”.
Hubby and I left the room in shock, and then within a few days, we received a copy of our ultrasound report. They weren’t conjoined, rather they were monochromic monoamniotic twins, also known as MCMA or ‘MOMO’ twins. In other words, they were identical twins sharing a sac AND a placenta. This type of pregnancy is quite rare, representing only 1% of identical twins.
I had the usual morning sickness with the added stress of knowing our babies only had a 50/50 chance of survival. Fortunately, even with visible cord entanglement, the pregnancy progressed without too many complications and because we were having ultrasounds as frequent as twice a week and CTG’s at the hospital weekly, we kept a close eye on the babies blood flow and heart rates.
We already knew that our twins would be delivered by planned c-section at 32 weeks. This gave us the chance to tour the NICU and receive Nurture booklets so we could read about what our journey ahead may look like.
On the 12th June, 2015 as planned, our twins Jacinta Emma and Kyah-Rose entered the world via c-section. Kyah needed to be resuscitated at birth and both went onto high flow oxygen.
Their NICU journey spanned over 5 weeks and they proved they were little fighters. The care myself, and they received from the doctors, midwives and NICU staff was second to none and I cannot be more grateful for them.
Jacinta and Kyah are now happy, bubbly 6 year olds who started Kindy earlier this year and are absolutely thriving"

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