Jack's Story, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Talia shares Jack's story.

"At 24 weeks gestation, my waters broke with no warning or reason. I had just had a shower and after realising there was “water” on the floor, I immediately called my midwife who told me to come to the hospital straight away. As soon as I got there, the doctors and midwives did a multitude of tests which soon revealed a positive test for amniotic fluid. I knew from the look on my midwife's face that something wasn’t right, and when she turned to me and said “Talia, you’re going on a little holiday my love” - I knew it was bad.

Two ambulances, steroid injections and a very quick flight via The Royal Flying Doctors service later, I found myself at King Eddies!

As you can imagine, I was monitored very closely (every three hours to be exact). I had numerous scans, swabs, blood tests - the works! I spent three weeks stuck in a hospital bed waiting to see what would happen next. This was by far the most testing time of my life and reflecting upon my experience, the most traumatic.

Thankfully, my baby was able to stay put for three weeks after my waters broke and gained 300g in that time. But after three weeks, he was bored. Clearly he was too eager to see us and graced us with his presence on July 25th at 10:53pm.

From then on, our life was on hold. Each and every day was a blessing.

Day by day we would enter those doors, sanitise our hands, get my milk ticked off and just be. Be with our precious baby. Though every day my stomach was in knots - what will it be today? What obstacle will we face today? But we did it - we had to - our baby needed us. Despite our fears and tears, Jack needed us, and we showed up for him! He was our driving force and I thank him every bloody day for that. He made us better parents.

Our experience in becoming parents was quite unique! Rare even. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We got to witness our baby grow and develop right in front of our eyes - we weren’t left guessing what will he look like, smell like, sound like... because we could see him through a glass womb.

My outlook on life has completely changed. My purpose, my attitude - everything has changed because of Jack. And I am grateful each and every day. He has made me a better mum, wife, friend and person.

While the days are tough and the trauma unbearable at times, I remember how strong that little boy was and what he had to endure every day in that NICU to stay alive, and that keeps me going.

NICU babies are like no other! Do not underestimate them. They will surprise you in so many ways and teach you so many wonderful things in this lifetime! I am certain of that."

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