Jack's Story, 24 Weeks

Miracle Mum Dani shares Jack's story

“Born at 24 weeks and in a rush during labour, Jack decided to change direction and tried to come feet first.

Jack was born via emergency c-section, weighing 777g and 30cm long. After a week, doctors determined that Jack had several brain bleeds, with the most serious one a grade 4 located in the cognitive part of the brain.

During Jack's first month, he was having numerous seizures accompanied by apneas where he went back and forward between the ventilators with his lungs not being fully developed. Not long later, it was discovered that Jack had NEC and needed urgent surgery. Jack had 20cm of his bowel removed.

As time went by, Jack had times where he had done so well with his recovery that he was transferred from NICU to Special Care. Doctors did an ultrasound of the brain and found that the previous brain bleeds had formed into tiny cyst, which will hopefully disappear.

Our first attempt in Special Care lasted a week after Jack developed meningitis and was urgently rushed back to NICU.

Thanks to several quick-thinking doctors and nurses treating him for the worst-case infection, a lumbar puncture confirmed Jack had meningitis and adjusted his antibiotics, saving his life.

After recovering from meningitis, Jack was eventually transferred back to Special Care. After being in special care for 12 hours Jack had another seizure and was transferred back to NICU.

On October 28th, Jack had surgery to reverse his stoma. The surgery went well, and he was hungry more than ever. Jack was then transferred to Special Care and on November 6th he no longer needed any breathing support to assist him.

Jack was discharged on November 12th 2021 weighing 2.6kg. At the start of January 2022, Jack weighed over 4.5kg and 55cm”.

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