Jacob, 33 Weeks


Miracle Mum Kiralee shares Jacob's story:

After a previous stillbirth, Jacobs's pregnancy was filled with a huge amount of anxiety that was only heightened after being transferred to the maternal fetal medicine unit of the hospital and told after my scan that he was also growth restricted and that my placenta wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing again. After weeks of close monitoring twice a week ultrasounds and CTG’s most days the call was made at 33 weeks that he had to be delivered. Jacob was born at 8.08 pm by C-section and I cannot explain the relief and pure joy I felt when I heard his first cries especially not knowing if they would come straight away with the fact he was born 7 weeks early. Thankfully we didn’t have many bumps along our NICU journey and Jacob smashed all his milestones out the park after a 3 week stay we got to bring him home after 3 weeks. He is now a cheeky, happy 7 month old, who is thriving!

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