James, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Kim shares James's story:

James was born at 26 weeks on the 10 May 2007, 850 grams. Due to preeclampsia, my BP sky-rocketed and James had to be removed as my organs were shutting down. Doctors and nurses at Liverpool were phenomenal and the support was fantastic. James was labelled Dennis the menace as he kept trying to flip over. After 2 blood transfusions and a Nemo thorax, several infections and a double hernia operation, James made it to the other end. My beautiful tiny little miracle is now 16 years old and is over 6 foot tall. Although he has autism and many other disabilities and there have been some hurdles, we made it. He is looking forward now to pursuing his passion of working in a bookshop or a library. Thank you again to NICU at Liverpool.

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