Jayce, 29 Weeks


Miracle Mum Bailey shares Jayce's story:

All through my pregnancy everything was great, until I noticed what looked to be a mucus plug at only 24 weeks, when I went in for an ultrasound 2 days later it showed my cervix was almost non-existent and funnelling.
The weird this is at my 20-week anatomist scan it was long and closed.
I was sent straight to a hospital far from my home, had steroid injections and was put on hospital bed rest and progesterone.
They monitored my cervix I lived I. The hospital for a month. I got to go home and had to rush back 3 days later with cramping. I was 29 +1, and it was a miracle I made it this far with no cerclage, and almost no cervix.
When I was admitted I was told I was 2cm dilated and membranes bulging.
6 hours later I welcomed my beautiful little 3lb boy to this world, he was born in the 90 percentile which was amazing since he decided to come early.
We did amazing no huge issues just needed oxygen help and time to grow :) he is home now and big and thriving.

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