Jimi, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Greer shares Jimi's story:

What’s meant to be is meant to be...a feeling Harry and I strongly agreed on when I first started having complications (a bleeding situation at 23 weeks). At 24 weeks I was in pain, and I reluctantly took steroids for the baby that could potentially be born early and needed lung support. At 26 weeks, I skimmed over the pamphlet and got the gist of what our future could potentially look like. 3 hours later, Jimi was born...and he was perfect. I will never forget how grateful I felt and how much love I had for such a beautiful little boy that was in my arms. After 2 minutes he was whisked away and given the medical support that he needed, something I never even knew was possible - keeping a baby alive, 1060g. Jimi had 10 fingers and 10 toes and spent the first month of his life on CPAP. Every 6 hours the nurses would turn him over so the breathing support wouldn’t give him pressure points on his face...Prongs, mask, prongs, mask. And once a day I would hold him skin to skin for as long as I could as I was told it was best for him to be left so he could grow. Jimi graduated from NICU to special care at 33 weeks and went from being tube fed to breastfeeding at 34 weeks. At 39 weeks, Jimi came home on oxygen support for another 2 months. He is 3 now and thriving...talking constantly, making jokes and taking himself to the toilet...BOOM! What a wild, beautiful journey we have already been on.

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