Kai, 34 Weeks

Miracle mum Jordan shares Kai's story:

My pregnancy had been quite smooth but my waters broke at 34 weeks. I had quite a scary birth with Kai having multiple heart decelerations as well as myself with a threatened infection. Kai was born after 2 days of labour with the cord wrapped around his neck twice. From there, he was whisked away to the NICU where he spent 2 weeks in neonatal and special care. He received CPAP, hi flo oxygen and jaundice treatments across his stay. His lungs were underdeveloped so we had to just wait and see how and when they would be strong enough to leave the hospital. After two weeks, I was able to do an overnight stay in their room where Kai was able to breath on his own as well as breastfeed. We have since had an operation for an inaugural groin hernia and has recovered well. He is healthy and happily growing stronger every day. I can’t thank the hospital staff and Miracle Babies enough for their support not only during our hospital stay but also ongoing!

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