Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is almost here - so hop to it!

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021

International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is held on May 15th each year and to celebrate, we'd love all Australian Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Units to be involved in our annual Kangaroo-a-thon!

With more than 132 babies born each day requiring specialised care, Kangaroo Care is immensely important for the health of sick and preterm newborns. 
Kangaroo Care or skin-to-skin care is a special way parents and carers can spend time holding their baby. In kangaroo care, babies usually only wear a nappy and are placed in an upright position directly on their parent's bare chest. The baby’s head is turned to the side and a blanket is placed on top to keep them warm.

We‘re encouraging hospitals to register for our Kangaroo-a-thon and help us raise awareness for this essential aspect of neonatal care. 

We want to see many hours of brain developing, neuro-protective, attachment building, and immunity boosting good times. The winning hospital for this year’s Kangaroo-a-thon, will secure a special Kangaroo Care Chair, kindly funded by WaterWipes.

Do you want to Kangaroo at your hospital? Here's what you need to do!
If your hospital wants to hold a Kangaroo-a-thon, please click the button below to REGISTER. Then speak with all relevant staff to plan appropriate times and comfortable places for parents to try Kangaroo Care with their precious baby/s. We have a comprehensive tool kit you can use to promote, educate and host your Kangaroo-a-thon event.

Click HERE to Register Your Hospital for the Kangaroo-a-thon

The tool kit to have a great Kangaroo-a-thon:

  • Print and provide each family a parent info letter and cuddle count form so that they can log their hours. 
  • Print and use freely any of the promotional posters or flyers
  • Join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and encourage families to post photographs of themselves enjoying Kangaroo Care, including hashtags #kangarooathon #kangaroocare #miraclebabies #kangaroocuddle #NICU #SCN #premmie #KAT2021
  • At the conclusion of your Kangaroo-a-thon, tally and email your total hours to: [email protected]
  • And don’t forget to encourage families to enter our Kangaroo-a-thon Colouring In Competition. Download the free colouring-in sheet for kids to enter our competition for a chance to win a cuddly prize. Scan or take a picture of the finished artwork and send all entries to [email protected] by 30th June.


Miracle Mum, Khushi lets her twins Moksh and Mivaan tell the story of their arrival and how important kangaroo cuddles was for them.

"We were born at 27 weeks, we were just 1240gms and 860gms. This world was overwhelming for us. We were welcomed with lots of pricks, fears, uncertainties, and tears and yes, a pair of cool sunglasses. Lots of tubes to help us breath and lots of monitors to check our numbers. The sound of the monitors still doesn’t fade, in fact it became part of our life for a long time. We were trying to hold ourselves together and at the same time trying to figure out the scent and the touch of our loved ones. Mumma used to sit next to us 24/7 watching our every move to remind us that we had to breath, to remind us that we had to fight for our survival, to remind us that there is this beautiful world waiting to welcome us. A scent so known, a touch so warm, a feeling so cosy came through the mechanical world to give us our first touch.

We finally had our first cuddle with our dad; we had always heard him around our mum, talking to her, caring for her, talking to us - but now we finally got to smell him, feel his touch, feel his heartbeat. We got to hug him and express how much we missed him and how much we love him. We forgot all our pain as soon as we were in his arms, we almost forgot the nasty wired world around us, we almost lost the noise of constant beeps; we felt home. This was also the first time we, as brothers, both came so close to each other as you see we were in different rooms for so many months. This cuddle is called Kangaroo Care where parents are allowed to bring the babies out of their cot and give them a skin-to-skin cuddle. This not only is crucial for babies but even for parents. For babies, it soothes them, improves breathing patterns, helps in controlling the cortisol levels, it makes them feel home. For parents, it has been proven to improve the bond between them, it helps to promote milk production in mums and so much more."

CLICK HERE to read Moksh and Mivaan's story.

Learn more about Kangaroo Care Awareness Day here.